• VT-9510

     ★2.0 Soundbar System
     ★Touch Screen
     ★Bluetooth player
     ★AUX,TV Analog Audio Ipuzts
     ★Opatical PCM Input
     ★Full fuunction remote control
     ★USB port and SD memory card reader
     ★FM PLL Tuner
     ★LED display

     ★3 Sound Effect 


    2.0CH SPEAKER  
    Woofer Unit 10"*2    
    Midrange Unit 5.25"
    Tweeter Unit 1"
    Impedance    (Ω)
    Frequency  Response (Hz) 23Hz-20kHz
    Power   (W) 2×150W
    Dimensions   (MM) 300×1060×306
    Net Weight  (KG)  
    Gross Weight  (KG)  
    Gift box Size  (MM) 382×373×1140(1/2pair)
    CBM/SET 0.162
    20   (SET) 86
    40"  (SET) 179
    40HQ   (SET) 209

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